We understand you are a busy person but give us a moment of your time.

OK, I give you a minute of my time.

What is in your scope of work?

We are specializing in prints, but we are able to help our clients with additional requirements too.

Plat4m Production graf aktivit
  • Prints (75%)
  • Graphic processing (10%)
  • Promotional items (7%)
  • Roll up systems (4%)
  • Illuminated and Non-illuminated Signs (3%)
  • Additional services (1%)

How much of my costs you can save me?

We are able to reduce your printing costs on average by 30%.

  • 300
  • 1 500
  • 15 000
  • 30 000
  • 60 000
  • 1 000
  • 5 000
  • 50 000
  • 100 000
  • 200 000
  • Annual printing costs
  • How much can we save you

But how will you help me save this money?

Thanks to our excellent relationships with our suppliers, we can pass onto you quantity discounts we receive from them.



250 000 000

We have printed over quarter of a billion prints since 2005 thanks to our 231 suppliers in 10 countries around the world.

Are you able to save me some time, too?

Of course. Our certified specialist will evaluate your requirements, approach suitable suppliers and find tailored solution for you.

Let’s take a standard booklet as an example: ?

With us
Without us

Number of approached suppliers:

with us

without us

Number of received/sent mails

with us

without us

Number of phone calls made

with us

without us

Total time spent (h)

with us

without us

Ok, and what about the quality?

Right after the first order, our clients shed all of their thoughts of needing a supplier change.

“In marketing, you always work under time pressure. If we did not have a suitable print supplier we can rely on 100%, it would mean serious issue for us. But we were lucky to find such a supplier which can be proven by our 5 year cooperation. Plat4M Production is a supplier that always finds a way to deliver our prints on time.”

Bronislava Kreiselová


“Quality, professional approach and meeting of deadlines are key business values for me. I have been cooperating with Plat4M Production for over 3 years. During this time, they have always exceeded my expectations and their great advice and excellent prices are an added bonus.”

Michal Bernáth

CK Hydrotour

“Plat4M Production guarantees a 100% client service, that is expected to be delivered by any production agency. Therefore, Plat4M Production was our exclusive choice for cooperation on projects for our clients such as BMW Slovakia, Henkel and many others.”

Linda Fajtlíková


“Plat4M Production agency has been always prompt and willing to help us with our requirements. I appreciate their attention to details in compliance with the client's corporate identity, quality of prints, willingness to meet our needs and their help and support when searching for alternative solutions. In case of urgency, we were always able to reach out contact person even outside of the standard business hours.”

Alena Kunetková

GEFCO Slovakia

We meet the quality standards of our prestigious clients.

We guarantee a 100% customer satisfaction and therefore we are not afraid to provide our mother's contact information.

  • Jana Horáková

    Quality controller

    Mother is responsible for:

    Matúš Horák, CEO

  • Eva Habajová

    Quality controller

    Mother is responsible for:

    Marek Habaj, CBDO

Do not hesitate to contact them in case of any dissatisfaction.

Fine, where can I find you?

We will be happy to meet you in our Bratislava office on Rybne nam. 1.

Plat4M Production, spol. s r.o.
Rybné nám. 1, 811 02 Bratislava, SR